At Dawn, Nakid Magazine

Ashley Callaghan and Landon Yost had never met face-to-face, yet they trusted one another with a very sacred thing in their lives: photography. A friendship blossomed from admiration of each other’s work over the internet. They wanted to create something together but because of the distance they decided to share a roll of film, their favorite — Natura 1600 (now discontinued). Yost shot long exposures at night of New York City and Frederick, Maryland. After finishing, he shipped the roll to Ashley. Callaghan waited patiently for the right model to photograph, [Ruby Slipper].

Yost on the pairing: “I thought human form would contrast the structure of buildings and brutal landscape but instead they complimented each other perfectly. Nothing was planned, those moments were mere coincidence. A hallway light illuminated. A wink. A stare. Bent limbs in a window frame. Because we trusted chance.” Their creations mirror time-honored truths:

"A body as a home.

The spaces we occupy are living, breathing creatures.

Spaces age; we age.

We coexist."

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