Show Me the Body - Food From Plate

Written & Directed - Dennis Wornick

Executive Producer - Asha Maura

Co-Director / Producer - Landon Yost

Director of Photography - Sam Frank

1st AC / Film Loader - Johnny Biedenharn

Key Grip - Nick Herman

Set PA / Picture Car - Ted Cruchley

Film Scans - Jack Tashjidan

Editor / Colorist - Vixxion

Title Cards - Parks Perdue

Healy - Part of Me

Directed by Landon Yost & Bobby Lee Palmer 

Produced by Jake DeNicola & Sara Nishimura 

Video Commissioner: Loies Kim 

Director of Photography: Andrea Gavazzi 

Colorist: Dante Pasquinelli 

Editor: Bobby Lee Palmer 

1st AC: Adam Soltis 

Key Grip: Jim Sulley

Best Boy Grip: Sam Warga 

PA: Henry Dolan 

Special Thanks to : Benny and Oriana Borgia, Stephanie Pollnac and Adorama Rentals  

Anzie Dasabe - Freeways

Crack Magazine Premiere

Director: Landon Yost

Producer: Nouri Hassan

Dop: Andrea Gavazzi

1st AC: Ketak Dhiman

Gaffer: Forest Erwin

Editor: Matt Schaff

Colorist: Ben Federman

Sound Design: Romain Struma

Show Me the Body - Arcanum 

Official Selections: Nowness Pick, Director's Library, Booooooom, Kodak 

Director:  Landon Yost

Executive Producer: Asha Maura

Producer: Jake DeNicola

DoP:  Andrea Gavazzi

Steadi-Cam Op: Franz Brun

1st AC: Scott Sweitzer 

2nd AC: Niccolo Cacace

PA: Ariel Eakin

Projectionist: Landon Yost

Editor: Matt Schaff

Colorist: Elias Nousiopoulos

Show Me the Body - USA Lullaby

Director: Landon Yost

Cinematography by Landon Yost, Andrea Gavazzi & Asha Maura

Editor: Matt Schaff

Soane - Teach Me How to Touch Me

Director/Producer: Landon Yost

Cinematographer: Andrea Gavazzi

Production Designer: Mickey Hoover

Gaffer: Clem Therin

Stylist: Joesph Viola

HMU: Mia Varone

Editor: James Rönkkö

Colorist: Ben Federman

Simbaa - Nutcracker

Director: Landon Yost

Cinematographer: Luke Marcus Rosen


Jessy Lanza - Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James)

Director / Editor: Winston H. Case

Producer: Landon Yost

Director Of Photography: Forest Erwin 

Jazz Cartier - Disclosure 

Director: Bobby Lee Palmer

Executive Producer: Landon Yost

DoP: Andrea Gavazzi

Producers: Robert Tutiven & Dane Ray

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